The Documentary 2 – The Game – 7.8

The legendarily underrated West Coast powerhouse The Game brought out the sequel to his classic 2005 album The Documentary, with The Documentary 2 released 10 years later in 2015. This album kicks off with one of my favourite all time songs which I consider to be a perfect rap song and one of the greatest rap songs of all time. On Me with Kendrick is just incredible, the verses are epic, the flows are outstanding and the switch ups are mind blowing. Unfortunately, the sample used in On Me carries on to the next track Step Up where it just doesn’t work and sticks out like it really shouldn’t be there, other than that The Game carries on his impeccable flows and bars with some nice guest vocals. Don’t Trip with Dr Dre, Ice Cube and Will I Am is epic as well and just funky as fuck. After Standing On Ferrari’s, the middle section of the album loses a bit of quality that doesn’t really grab me as some early tracks do. Kanye’s feature on Mula doesn’t really do much for me either, I think if he had a proper verse it would have improved the track but other than that the last part of this album does pick up a bit with some nice tracks, mainly the big hit 100 with Drake. It may be a bit of a long album to listen through but with some decent production, some memorable lines, some interesting guest features and The Game bringing a throwback 90’s/2000’s West Coast rap sound back to a modern era, it’s a really good album with some awesome high points.

1. Intro – N/A
2. On Me – 10
3. Step Up – 6.4
4. Don’t Trip – 8.7
5. Standing On Ferraris – 8.3
6. Dollar and a Dream – 8
7. Made in America – 7.8
8. Hashtag – 7.4
9. Circles – 7.7
10. Uncle Skit – N/A
11. Dedicated – 7.2
12. Bitch You Ain’t Shit – 6.6
13. Summertime – 6.2
14. Mula – 7.4
15. The Documentary 2 – 8.3
16. New York, New York – 7
17. 100 – 8.6
18. Just Another Day – 7.1
19. LA – 7.5