Ctrl – SZA – 7.7

TDE artist SZA’s debut studio album Ctrl is probably one of the most honest and open pieces of music I’ve ever heard. And it’s a good listen as well, actually it’s smooth as fuck. Listening to SZA’s voice is like waking up from the best sleep you’ve ever had in the comfiest bed you’ve ever slept in. It may not surprise many but this album’s main themes are love, relationships and sex. But what Ctrl takes you through is unconventional relationships in the modern era, and all the thoughts and feelings and emotions that go with them such as, jealousy, anxiety, happiness, sadness, confusion and liberation. All within 14 songs and 49 minutes. The vocals and melodies throughout this album are effortlessly charming and engaging. Lyrically, SZA knows exactly what’s she’s doing and pulls it off well. I definitely prefer the first half of this album but the second half is still good quality. Travis Scott fits in perfectly on the big single of this album Love Galore. I really like Isaiah Rashad on the track Pretty Little Birds, he really took that song in a completely different direction but worked it well. Finally, I’m surprised to be saying this but Kendrick’s verse really didn’t do anything for me personally, which was pretty disappointing but the track I thought was good anyway. Overall, it’s obvious that this album is going to affect some people more than others because of its very raw and emotional themes but for me, this was just a really nice and consistent album to listen to. Excited to hear what SZA comes out with next.

1. Supermodel – 7.8
2. Love Galore – 8.3
3. Doves in the Wind – 7.3
4. Drew Barrymore – 7.9
5. Prom – 7.7
6. The Weekend – 8
7. Go Gina – 7.4
8. Garden (Say It Like Dat) – 7.6
9. Broken Clocks – 7.1
10. Anything – 7.2
11. Wavy – 7
12. Normal Girl – 7.1
13. Pretty Little Birds – 7.6
14. 20 Something – 7.5