DUMMY BOY – 6ix 9ine – 4.5

Dummy Boy is the latest project from Instagram personality and part time rap artist Tekashi 6ix 9ine. He tries to switch up his style throughout this project from his usual aggressive and shouty trap bangers, to some slower more vocal heavy tracks, and also a couple of pretty unnecessary Latin pop tracks in the middle. The shouty tracks are the ones I prefer and think he is mainly focus on, predominantly because his singing is fucking dreadful. There is not enough auto tune in the world that can make him sound like a good singer. And also the Latin pop tracks don’t really do anything for me personally. I’m also really surprised at how little of an impact 6ix 9ine leaves on some of these songs. Some of the guest features completely dominate their tracks, even if they are putting in good performances or not. The amount of times I was enjoying listening to one of the guests on here then doing a major eye roll and face palm as soon as 6ix 9ine pipes up, it was ridiculous, especially since it’s 6ix 9ine project. In his previous mixtape Day69, it had its highlights in its production, and the same can be said for Dummy Boy. I could go into a pretty long review about this tape but I don’t really want to add to his already incredibly high clout levels so I’m just gonna say that stylistically, it’s a mixed bag, lyrically and vocally it is complete trash and the overall listen to this tape just sounds like it was made in the space of no less than a week.

1. STOOPID – 6.2
2. FEFE – 4
3. TIC TOC – 5.1
4. KIKA – 5.3
5. MAMA – 6.9
6. WAKA – 6
7. BEBE – 3.9
8. MALA – 4
9. KANGA – 5.7
10. FEEFA – 5
11. TATI – 4.5
12. WONDO – 4
13. DUMMY – 4.6