LUV Is Rage 2 – Lil Uzi Vert – 6.9

In my opinion, Lil Uzi Vert is one of the better trap artists around right now, I’ve always enjoyed listening to his music since I first heard him back in 2016. But after listening to his debut full length album LUV Is Rage 2, it has showed me that listening to him in short bursts is much more enjoyable than listening to him nonstop for 20 tracks lasting over an hour long. I had big hopes for this album, mainly hoping that it would be a different breath of fresh air from his usual mixtape style. Unfortunately, Rage 2 just sounds like an overly long regular Uzi tape. Having more guest features would have been a step forward in making this sound more like a professional album. There’s a nice back and forth with Pharrell on Neon Guts and The Weeknd brings his usual vocals on the song Unfazed. There are some standout tracks on this album such as Sauce It Up, The Way Life Goes and XO Tour Llif3. The majority is just above average. Uzi knows how to make a banger. But like his previous tapes, there will be a banger but it will be surrounded by forgettable tracks. Same goes with this album. These particular forgettable tracks are mostly found in the second half of this album. Lyrically, Uzi really has nothing new to say, there’s many of the usual trap topics that plague so many projects included in this album. I think this album tries to focus on melodies much more than previous Uzi tapes, but when the songs are pretty much structured the same with the same delivery and sometimes very repetitive lyrics, it’s easy to feel like these tracks just merge together and don’t really stand out.

1. Two – 7.5
2. 444+222 – 6.5
3. Sauce It Up – 8.7
4. No Sleep Leak – 6.3
5. The Way Life Goes – 8.5
6. For Real – 6.2
7. Feelings Mutual – 6
8. Neon Guts – 7
9. Early 20 Rager – 7.6
10. UnFazed – 6.8
11. Pretty Mami – 6.9
12. How To Talk – 6.7
13. X – 6.9
14. Malfunction – 6.6
15. Dark Queen – 6.5
16. XO TOUR Llif3 – 8.8
17. Skir Skirr – 6.4
18. Loaded – 6.2
19. Diamonds On My Wrist – 6
20. 20 Min – 7