FM! – Vince Staples – 7

Here we are, halfway through November and Vince Staples drops a summer themed project. That’s a bit weird? Anyway, this is a really short project with a couple of interludes that all in all ends up with a 22 minute run time. The theme and structure of this project is like a radio show with little gaps in between some tracks that make it really sound like I’m listening to the radio. I suppose that’s where the title FM! comes from. There’s nothing really ground breaking in these songs apart from maybe the quick few lines from Earl Sweatshirt, but the way I see it, Vince can do better than this. The production is funky and nice, Vince’s flow and delivery are good, but I think the main issues for me on this project are, how short it is, which doesn’t help keep the songs on here memorable. And another issue is that it can get somewhat repetitive at times, and that alongside a short run length doesn’t help either. However I do like the overall vibe of this project but I think it should have been thought out more and just expanded a little bit.

1. Feels Like Summer – 8
2. Outside! – 6
3. Don’t Get Chipped – 7
4. Relay – 6.7
5. New earlsweatshirt (Interlude) – N/A
6. Run the Bands – 7
7. FUN! – 6
8. No Bleedin – 7.1
9. Brand New Tyga (Interlude) – N/A
10. (562)453-9382 (Skit) – N/A
11. Tweakin’ – 7.4