Bastard – Tyler, The Creator – 8.3

Odd Future talisman Tyler, The Creator’s first official mixtape Bastard is structured as a therapy session with Tyler revealing all his issues and frustrations which get showcased throughout the 15 track run length. I’ve known about Tyler for a few years now but this was the first time I listened to one of his projects in full. I enjoyed the production in the majority of this tape and some of the rhymes Tyler comes out with are really memorable. The whole rape and abusing women themes I can’t really get behind, even though I know he’s not actually serious or means what he says most of the time but I just don’t enjoy it. Even though he is talking about some really dark topics, Tyler manages to turn the tables and make it almost sound positive. One particular theme Tyler talks to his therapist (himself) is the absence of his father. It took me nearly to the end of this tape to realise this topic relates to the title Bastard. The guests do well on this project as well, I particularly liked Tyler’s back and forth with Earl Sweatshirt on the track Assmilk, that song is one of my highlights in this tape. It’s just a shame that the quality just dropped a bit in the closing stages. The next Tyler review will be Goblin at some time in the future.

1. Bastard – 8.8
2. Seven – 8.5
3. Odd Toddlers – 8.4
4. French! – 8.9
5. Blow – 8.5
6. Pigs Fly – 8.3
7. Parade – 8
8. Slow it Down – 7.4
9. Assmilk – 8.8
10. VCR Wheels – 7.9
11. Session – 7
12. Sarah – 7.8
13. Jack and the Beanstalk – 7.5
14. Tina – 7
15. Inglorious – 8.6