Late Registration

Late Registration – Kanye West – 9.4

Kanye’s second album, and arguably his best, is without a doubt not only a high point in Kanye’s career but Late Registration is a strong contender for best rap album of the 2000’s. Listening back again to this album now in full is difficult to not make comparisons to his debut album College Dropout, but for me it feels like all his ideas and style that came in abundance in College Dropout are just that much more refined and executed and delivered to a more professional standard than before. It’s hard to find something new to say about this album that hasn’t already been said, but the bangers on this album have absolutely stood the test of time and are still considered some of Kanye’s best material, even after some of the amazing projects he’s released since then. The production on this album is classy and effortlessly charming throughout, even as Kanye goes full Kanye bragging mode in a celebratory fashion. If College Dropout put Kanye on the map, then Late Registration shot him right to the top alongside Nas and Jay Z as one of the best rap artist around in the early 2000’s.

1. Wake Up Mr. West – N/A
2. Heard ‘Em Say – 9.3
3. Touch The Sky – 9.2
4. Gold Digger – 9
5. Skit #1 – N/A
6. Drive Slow – 9.3
7. My Way Home – 8
8. Crack Music – 8.7
9. Roses – 10
10. Bring Me Down – 9.2
11. Addiction – 8.7
12. Skit #2 – N/A
13. Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) – 9.4
14. We Major – 9.3
15. Skit #3 – N/A
16. Hey Mama – 10
17. Celebration – 9
18. Skit #4 – N/A
19. Gone – 9.1
20. Diamonds From Sierra Leone – 9.1
21. We Can Make It Better – 9.3
22. Late – 8.7


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