EVERYTHING IS LOVE – The Carters – 7

After all the collaboration mixtapes and albums that have been and gone, regarded as rushed or forgettable, I’d expect that from certain artists that have released these types of project. But I would never expect Jay Z and Beyoncé to do the same. I would never expect a joint project from such great artists with obvious chemistry and even a substantial theme to cover, to be such an uninteresting and disappointing, straightforward and simple project like this. When I first heard about a potential collab album from these two, I was excited, mainly because I knew the potential that this project could have been great, especially consider how great Jay and B’s last individual albums are. But after listening to Everything Is Love, I cant shake the feeling that they have used all the broken marriage rumours to just add some hype to this tape and their huge worldwide tour. I obviously still love both artists but I do feel a bit let down by this album. It’s a nice listen with some good moments like on the final track, but don’t for one second think that this album is anything other than forgettable. Beyoncé is the driving force in this album with her vocal variety, which is always sound, but it really doesn’t feel like she is 100% into it. Jay comes in with some verses with some clever lines but that’s really all there is. Give it a listen if you haven’t already, but don’t expect any ground breaking material, which the past has shown us that both Jay Z and Beyoncé are more than capable of creating. If this review sounds overly negative, it’s only because my expectations are always high when it comes to these two.

1. SUMMER – 6.7
2. APESHIT – 7.1
3. BOSS – 7
4. NICE – 6.9
5. 713 – 6.5
6. FRIENDS – 6.7