The College Dropout – Kanye West – 8.9

The debut album that kick started the career of one of the greatest artists of our generation. It’s very strange hearing this era of Kanye’s career again today with knowing everything that he has been though in not only his work life but his personal struggles as well. He sounds so fresh and happy on this album that it just makes the overall enjoyment of the listening experience a real pleasure. This is peak Kanye in terms of crowd pleasing production and in terms of his charming and cheeky like-ability personality. Years before the tremendous bragging and kind of dickishness in his personality which is how I have become mainly accustom to Kanye West as a person. But I’ve always know that he has had this side to him, this charming and almost child like essence about him that helped him and his music burst into the hip hop scene. College Dropout contains some of Kanye’s best songs, mainly Through The Wire and Jesus Walks, which are perfect even after all these years. Theses 2 tracks sum up Kanye pretty well, boundary pushing, noticeable and damn unforgettable. The rest of the tracks on College Dropout are consistently great with some brilliant production, some awesome guest verses and some very funny lines. Overall this is a well known classic rap album that is funny, emotional, catchy as hell and just special.

1. Intro – N/A
2. We Don’t Care – 8.7
3. Graduation Day – N/A
4. All Falls Down – 9.2
5. I’ll Fly Away – N/A
6. Spaceship – 9.1
7. Jesus Walks – 10
8. Never Let Me Down – 8.5
9. Get Em High – 8.7
10. Workout Plan – N/A
11. The New Workout Plan – 8.9
12. Slow Jamz – 8.8
13. Breathe In Breathe Out – 8.5
14. School Spirit Skit 1 – N/A
15. School Spirit – 8.6
16. School Spirit Skit 2 – N/A
17. Lil Jimmy Skit – N/A
18. Two Words – 8.7
19. Through The Wire – 10
20. Family Business – 8.7
21. Last Call – 8.8