Not All Heroes Wear Capes – Metro Boomin – 7.7

I had a feeling this whole ‘retirement’ thing from Metro Boomin was just a hoax. The trap master producer has suddenly dropped a 13 track mixtape from out of nowhere. He’s also brought with him a number of his usual guests, including Travis Scott and 21 Savage who feature quite a lot in this tape. There’s no real theme or narrative to this tape, it’s like Metro called up the artists in his phone book that are most likely to produce a banger and put them to work. There’s no bad tracks in this tape but there are only a few tracks that gave me a proper wow moment. And is it any real surprise the best track on here is completely owned by Young Thug? His track Up To Something took me right back to Barter 6 days Thug. Regular feature 21 Savage does well overall but his track 10 Freaky Girls is a standout point for me. Although Travis is featured heavily on this tape, he never really stood out for me which is not only unusual but disappointing as well. Overall, while I was very excited to listen to this project, it may not have blown me away, but it is a good listen with some great production, which is to be expected when you see Metro Boomin’s name on a project. If Young Thug was on a few more tracks, this could have been a 9.

1. 10AM / Save The World – 7.2
2. Overdue – 7.5
3. Don’t Come Out The House – 7.4
4. Dreamcatcher – 7.8
5. Space Cadet – 7.4
6. 10 Freaky Girls – 8.1
7. Up to Something – 9
8. Only 1 – N/A
9. Lesbian – 7.4
10. Borrowed Love – 7
11. Only You – 7.2
12. No More – 8.4
13. No Complaints – 8.5