LUV Is Rage – Lil Uzi Vert – 7

Lil Uzi Vert’s 2015 mixtape LUV Is Rage fits in well with his other mixtapes, in that it is a nice listen but too inconsistent enough to be considered great. Very similar to his other tapes, LUV Is Rage contains some nice production, typical Uzi flows and an overall enjoyable vibe and easy listening experience. The real stand out track on this tape is 7am which is quite possibly my all time favourite Uzi song. This song for me encapsulates everything that is great about Uzi’s music. A catchy af hook, a very fun flow and just something that makes you smile. Another stand out highlight in this tape is Young Thug’s appearance on Yamborghini Dream, for no other reason other than the fact that its Young Thug, who can improve any track. It’s difficult to point out any negatives in this tape other than the fact that not every track slaps as hard as others. That’s my problem with other Uzi tapes. If you cut out the forgettable tracks in all his tapes then you’ll be left with about 1 excellent tape. Again, this tape is an enjoyable and good listen but doesn’t have enough highlights for me.

1. Safe House – 7
2. Banned From TV – 6.7
3. Super Saiyan – 6
4. 7AM – 9.3
5. Yamborghini Dream – 7.9
6. Right Now – 6.6
7. Top – 8
8. All My Chains – 7
9. Belly – 6
10. Enemies – 7.1
11. Ballin – 6.4
12. Paradise – 6.8