Lil Pump – Lil Pump – 5.7

Lil Pump is yet another artist that Soundcloud has spat out into the stratosphere, delivering yet another 30 minute mixtape featuring repetitive lyrics, recycled themes and the occasional interesting moment. For me, Lil Pump’s self titled mixtape doesn’t do much to push the trap genre forward or break any new ground. Don’t listen to this mixtape hoping for any meaningful or memorable material. Before listening to this tape, feel free to turn your brain completely down a few notches and just enjoy the sounds that are getting exploded into your head. A lot of this mixtape is all pretty much the same structure wise, one phrase repeated a number of times for a hook followed by a minute long verse featuring the same old trap tropes so many artists rap about, drugs, sex, jewellery etc. The most memorable parts of this tape are the guest features. Smokepurpp features 3 times and does a good job all round. Lil Yachty and 2 Chainz team up well with Pump on Back and Iced Out. Unfortunately for me Chief Keef doesn’t really bang on his feature, which is a real shame. Gucci Mane surprisingly disappoints on his feature and Rick Ross brings his usual shtick on Pinky Ring to close the tape off. For me personally I would like some less repetitive lyrics, some more experimental production and a more varied delivery and flow from Pump. But hey, I know this is his style 100% and some people really dig it. For me, I’m indifferent to this whole mixtape, even tho it does have some good moments.

1. What U Sayin’ – 6
2. Gucci Gang – 7
3. Smoke My Dope – 5.5
4. Crazy – 5
5. Back – 5.7
6. D Rose – 4.5
7. At The Door – 6
8. Youngest Flexer – 6.7
9. Foreign – 3.7
10. Whitney – 6.4
11. Molly – 5
12. Iced Out – 6.1
13. Boss – 7.4
14. Flex Like Ouu – 4.7
15. Pinky Ring – 7