DAY69: Graduation Day – 6ix 9ine – 4.5

Uh. I don’t dislike 6ix 9ine as a person but I can’t say I like him that much either. His debut mixtape Day69 Graduation Day is a very difficult listen most of the time. Thank God that this tape is only 30 mins long and he didn’t aim for the streaming numbers and made it 2 hours long. As the second half of the tape continued I could barely differentiate some of the tracks because they are all pretty much the same. The best part of this mixtape is the production which is quite good in the first few tracks. It’s such a shame tho that this decent production is just teamed with such basic and dreadful lyrics that he literally just repeats on every single track. Oh and hearing Scumgang shouted on every song gets boring and annoying real quick. The odd track really does slap tho like Billy, Rondo and 93, the delivery on these tracks make for some decent head bangers. The guest features on this tape do well, simply because they stop 6ix 9ine from doing his thing. But seriously Young Thug is like a saving angel on Rondo. Even tho he is my favourite Migo, I don’t think Offset offered much to Gummo, which is one of the weakest songs on this tape tbh. Overall this is slightly above trash level if it weren’t for some nice production and guest features. The main positive thing I can take away from listening to the tape is, I like 6ix 9ine but in very, very, very small doses.

1. BILLY – 6.8
2. GUMMO – 4.5
3. RONDO – 6.3
4. KEKE – 5.7
5. 93 – 6.9
6. DOOWEE – 4
7. KOODA – 4.7
8. BUBA – 5
9. MOOKY – 3
10. GUMMO (Remix) – 4.6
12. GOTTI – 2