On The Rvn EP – Young Thug – 6.8

After the release of Slime Language which saw Young Thug take a back seat to some of his most affiliated artists, the ATL trap star is back in full swing with this 6 track EP. The only real stand out track to me is the remix to Elton John’s Rocketman, the final track High. I never knew how much I wanted to hear Thugger sing that song but hey, it’s the best song on this EP. The rest of the tracks just fall into the ‘good but forgettable’ section of Young Thug songs. Straightforward trap beats, no real memorable lyrics but it does have the same magic that comes with any Thug tracks. It doesn’t really stand out in Thug’s discography, like Jeffery or Barter 6, but it is a nice listen. Aside from High I don’t think I’ll be revisiting many of these other tracks regularly.

1. On The Run – 7
2. Icey – 7
3. Climax – 6
4. Sin – 6.5
5. Real In My Veins – 6.8
6. High – 7.5