Tha Carter 5

Tha Carter 5 – Lil Wayne – 7.4

After all these years it’s finally here. The long awaited 5th entry into Lil Wayne’s legendary Carter series. My general consensus listening to this album is mainly positive. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with this album. It feels like a very well thought and special album, but after so many years in the works, that’s what it should always have been. This album is a very personal album with Wayne’s mother starting the proceedings off with an emotional dialogue on the album opener, as well as adding bits throughout the album, most notably about Wayne’s gun incident many years ago. Wayne definitely impresses lyrically on this album and doesn’t really focus on all the ways he ‘interacts’ with pussy, which we have all heard so many times in past Wayne projects. I was surprised that the album did not contain that many guest artists on such a long tracklist. But those who did appear did well, especially Kendrick’s mind-blowing section on Mona Lisa. My only negative about this album is that the second half of the album just loses a bit of quality but for the most part is still enjoyable enough. Not only was I thrilled to see Tha Carter 5 finally released, I’m happy to say that it was worth the wait and did not disappoint. Even though cutting maybe about 7 tracks in it would have improved it.

1. I Love You Dwayne – N/A
2. Don’t Cry – 7.8
3. Dedicate – 7.5
4. Uproar – 8.3
5. Let It Fly – 7.7
6. Can’t Be Broken – 7.9
7. Dark Side Of The Moon – 7.5
8. Mona Lisa – 8.4
9. What About Me – 7.6
10. Open Letter – 6.9
11. Famous – 8
12. Problems – 7.3
13. Dope N*ggaz – 7.8
14. Hittas – 7
15. Took His Time – 8.1
16. Open Safe – 6
17. Start This Shit Off Right – 6.8
18. Demon – 5.7
19. Mess – 6
20. Dope New Gospel – 5.5
21. Perfect Strangers – 6
22. Used 2 – 6.2
23. Let It All Work Out – 8

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