I’ve tried hard to not make any comments about Kanye’s recent public affiliations with Donald Trump. Didn’t say anything when he met with the President in Trump Tower because I just thought that would be a trivial thing just for a few pictures that would be forgotten about.

But later on when pictures emerged of Kanye wearing a red MAGA hat, I soon thought ‘hmm is he really going along with this?’

When he dropped the track Kanye vs The People, this kind of gave a few answers some people had about this whole Trump supporting act.

I had hoped that the string of albums he worked on in Wyoming would be the perfect distraction away from politics and everyone would just forget that he ever met Trump.

This was not the case.

His most recent public support of Trump is an Instagram post of him in his private jet wearing this red MAGA hat once again, with his caption saying how he wants to abolish the 13th amendment.

Now I’m no kind of expert in US laws and political history but I do know that the 13th Amendment abolished slavery.

This is not Kanye’s first take on slavery, the whole ‘slavery was a choice’ fiasco got a lot of people shook.

Myself and a lot of other people have been trying to work out what exactly all these posts and his SNL rant means.

My take on it seems that he is so adamant that we are all being controlled and made to think what we think, that to go against the grain with every topic is what our hearts are telling us to do and not listen to our heads.

And what is the biggest way to go against the grain on the biggest topic in the world right now than to side with one of the biggest embarrassments to ever step foot in the White House?

If supporting Trump is Kanye’s way of trying to persuade people not to conform to society’s ideas of normality, then he is way more ignorant than we first thought.

But hey, at least he said he doesn’t agree with everything Trump says.

Moving aside from politics now, his recent musical choices have just baffled my mind and not in a good way.

For a kick off, I know Kanye has always been a bit of a kinky guy but to say he wants to fuck all of Kim’s sisters on XTCY is a bit too weird for me.

Next was his team up with Lil Pump for the track I Love It, which may have become a bit of a meme track now, not only with the lyrics but with the whole Roblox type outfits as well, but is still a really bad song.

And the outfits worn on the SNL performance, what the fuck is that all about?

I know this was in a different time and a different Kanye era, but if you compare a track like I Love It to a song like Gorgeous, the obvious drop in standards and musical choices from Kanye is just sad.

And finally I can’t say I am looking forward to any Kanye track that features 6ix 9ine on it.

I just hope to God that Yandhi is a different animal altogether from these latest blunders in Kanye’s career.

There is an old and long debate that Old Kanye is better than New Kanye, well if this Kanye we are seeing now is the New Kanye then you can keep him.

He is still one of my favourite artists but it is getting more and more harder to justify and defend some of these recent actions.