Boy In Da Corner – Dizzee Rascal – 8

Boy In Da Corner is the debut album from one of London’s grime legends Dizzee Rascal. Filled with some head banging production and some epic rhymes and flows, this album is a remarkable experience and voyage in to Dizzee’s East London surroundings and bragging bravado. The best moments on this album are truly amazing. The explosive Jus A Rascal and classic banger Fix Up, Look Sharp, have stood the test of time and still feel fresh today, considering this album was released 15 years ago. The production on this album is unpredictable and enjoyably outrageous. Embracing and merging grime and garage roots, each track brings something new as the album goes along. But the thing is, Dizzee owns every beat he rhymes over, completely making it his own, effortlessly. The theme of the album is very specific to Dizzee, he takes you on a tour of his areas he’s living in and showcasing what is around him, all whilst making sure everyone knows he is the boss around East London. But what I have always like about Dizzee Rascal is the joy he brings to his music, like he’s having the best time doing what he is doing. Overall this is a great start to the career of one of grime’s biggest names and personalities. @dizzeerascal

1. Sitting Here – 7.5
2. Stop Dat – 7.6
3. I Luv U – 7.7
4. Brand New Day – 7.5
5. Too Far – 7.4
6. Fix Up, Look Sharp – 9.1
7. Cut ‘em Off – 8.6
8. Hold Ya Mouf – 8.1
9. Round We Go (Ain’t No Love) – 7
10. Jus’ a Rascal – 9
11. Wot U On? – 8
12. Jezebel – 7.7
13. Seems 2 Be – 8.1
14. Live O – 7.8
15. Do It! – 8.2