When an album that has been put back and on hold for a number of years finally gets a release date, is anyone that surprised when that date comes and the album is still nowhere to be seen?

Even though Lil Wayne has had a mixed discography since he hit his peak back in 2007 with Tha Carter 3, they hype that has been birthed since the first mention of a fifth entry into his Carter series, was still there.

Unfortunately though, the album wasn’t and still isn’t. Even after Wayne won his battle against Cash Money and made up with his rap father Birdman, as well as setting a release date for the album, September 21st, TODAY.

Since this news that Tha Carter 5 will finally be released, I felt like this was it, the time had come after so long. But I woke up this morning with no Carter 5 and no official word from anyone as to its whereabouts.

Am I disappointed? A bit. Am I surprised? Not really no.

I would have been less surprised to wake up to another Sorry For The Wait mixtape.

My suspicions were raised a little bit yesterday when I saw a couple of “official” track listings for the album, which I was just not convinced were the real deal at all.

I’m not 100% sure about this but I believe the real Carter 5 will be a double disc album, to make up for the long waiting time?

If Tha Carter 5 was originally meant to be that long then I would just put it down to trying to get those streaming numbers everyone is craving these days.

But I genuinely fell like he wants to give his fans as much as possible to make up for the waiting time.

I cant help feel for him a bit, having to disappoint his fans for so long putting the album back. But to give out a release date and not deliver when there finally seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel and the nightmare was over.

Either way, the album still isn’t here, I’d be lying if I was not excited for this project for drop because as some may know, Lil Wayne is one of my favourite artists of all time. Although you cannot deny he has fallen off dramatically, either because of his health issues which never have gone away I think. Or the toll that this mega falling out and lawsuit has taken on him. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I hope Tha Carter 5 is dropped soon and is a big improvement on some of Wayne’s most recently released projects.

If after all this time waiting, we get a double disc album filled with sub-par Wayne tracks, I would feel shafted on a high level.