The Blueprint 3

The Blueprint 3 – Jay Z – 6.2

Jay Z’s very mainstream and single driven third album in his iconic Blueprint series has some nice moments but just isn’t as solid as his early albums. The majority of this album is very upbeat with a feel-good vibe to it. Almost like it’s Jay’s victory lap but with the usual bragging and rich talk we have become accustomed to with Jay’s music. But this album for me, is just too hit and miss for it to be considered as substantial as the previous 2 Blueprint albums. The hit singles everyone has heard a million times like Run This Town, Empire State of Mind and Young Forever are unfortunately the albums best moments. I still enjoy them now even after all these years. Outside of these tracks, the album does have some nice moments like On To The Next One with Swizz Beatz and Off That with Drake. The rest of the album just ranges from okay to quite bad, Thank You is one of the worst Jay Z tracks I’ve ever heard. The guest features are pretty good but the man who nearly steals the whole show on here is Mr Kanye West. With an great verse on Run This Town and his incredibly catchy back and forth with Hov on the track Hate, Kanye is one of the main highlights for me on this album. Overall, The Blueprint 3 is a messy mix of radio hits and forgettable filler tracks that finds itself on the lower end of Jay Z’s discography, but the highs of this album are very enjoyable.

1. What We Talkin’ About – 5.6
2. Thank You – 3.5
3. D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune) – 6.8
4. Run This Town – 8.4
5. Empire State of Mind – 8
6. Real As It Gets – 6.9
7. On To The Next One – 8.3
8. Off That – 7.8
9. A Star Is Born – 7.4
10. Venus Vs. Mars – 5.9
11. Already Home – 6.4
12. Hate – 8.1
13. Reminder – 6.5
14. So Ambitious – 6.6
15. Young Forever – 8.5

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