Beerbongs & Bentleys – Post Malone – 5.8

Beerbongs and Bentleys is Post Malone’s follow up album to 2016’s Stoney. I attempted to listen to Stoney before this album came out but I had to give up before the half way point because I was just too bored to carry on. Even with the fantastic singles of Rockstar and Psycho, I still wasn’t too optimistic about listening to this full 18 track length album. Being perfectly honest, there is a lot of filler on this album. Absolutely no need for 18 tracks on here. My favourite part of Post Malone’s music is his vocal performances, especially on the hooks. The main problem is that with some of his vocal performances in his verses, the 2 can sometimes blend in together and roughly sound the same. The production on here is all pretty safe and nothing too outrageous which is how Post Malone comes across imo. 21 Savage is my favourite guest feature on here, and whilst listening to Rockstar again today for like the 100th time, I’ve only just today realised what he meant by saying “I ain’t with the caking, how you kiss that?”. Both Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign bring nice verses, whereas G-Eazy and YG did the absolute opposite. Overall this is an improvement from Stoney but Post Malone still has some tweaking to do to make a solid album. Oh and that album cover is one of the ugliest Yeezus rip offs I’ve ever seen, I’m almost ashamed to be putting this pic on my page.

1. Paranoid – 6.5
2. Spoil My Night -6.2
3. Rich & Sad – 6
4. Zack and Codeine – 5
5. Takin’ Shots – 5.2
6. rockstar – 8.5
7. Over Now – 5.5
8. Psycho – 8
9. Better Now – 7.6
10. Ball For Me – 4.8
11. Otherside – 4.6
12. Stay – 4
13. Blame It On Me – 5.7
14. Same Bitches – 4.5
15. Jonestown (Interlude) – 4
16. 92 Explorer – 5.6
17. Candy Paint – 7.6
18. Sugar Wraith – 6.3