When I first saw this picture appear on Kanye’s Twitter, it powered me up and got me hyped for something I didn’t even know was real.

But since then, he has tweeted this photo again with an iMessage saying ‘Yandhi 9 29 18’.

Then I thought ‘oh are we getting a Yeezus follow up now, is this thing legit?’ If anyone doesn’t know, Yeezus is my favourite album of all time for many reasons.

But I am aware that obviously not everyone shares the same view as me on this. Ive seen some pretty bad and generally negative reviews and opinions on Yeezus from the hip hop Instagram community.

But what I really wanted to across from this fact here is that I saw some accounts write stuff like ‘Oh if this is another Yeezus then he can keep it’ and ‘Why do a sequel to your worst album?’

I understand why some people are saying this, but my take on it is this.

When Yeezus was made, Kanye was unrelenting about getting out and articulating all of his frustrations and anger on numerous topics and subjects over a series of industrial beats and sounds.

But if you look at how Kanye is now, he is probably the happiest and most active he has been for a while. I mean one of his biggest frustrations from back in 2013 is that he couldn’t find a way to completely make his YZY brand his own. he mentioned numerous times that companies were trying to control him.

but fast forward to today, he seems so intent on spreading all this love and positivity into the world that I just cannot see how Yandhi will be anything like Yeezus was. He has a completely different mindset now to that back in 2013.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t judge this potential new Kanye album just because it has a similar name and cover art to an album you may not like.