Queen – Nicki Minaj – 5.4

1. Ganja Burn – 5.5
2. Majesty – 5
3. Barbie Dreams – 7.3
4. Rich Sex – 2.5
5. Hard White – 6.6
6. Bed – 6
7. Thought I Knew You – 6.1
8. Run & Hide – 5.6
9. Chin Swae – 5.5
10. Chun-Li – 7.5
11. LLC – 5.2
12. Good Form – 4.4
13. Nip Tuck – 6.2
14. 2 Lit 2 Late Interlude – 5.3
15. Come See About Me – 5
16. Sir – 5.1
17. Miami – 5.8
18. Coco Chanel – 5.3
19. Inspirations Outro – 5.3

Nicki’s new album Queen still has some of the factors that make Nicki stand out in today’s rap scene, but ultimately unless you’re a big fan of Nicki, it can be quite disappointing and sometimes unpleasant listen. Without going too much into this issue, the main reason for me why Astroworld got the #1 spot ahead of Queen is the fact that Astroworld is better than this. That’s it. Not because of Kylie Jenner or Travis’ baby daughter Stormi. And for Nicki to take some quite obvious offence to this is a bit silly in my eyes. But anyway, back to the album. It’s best moments show us why Nicki is a great artist, quick fire bars, interesting flows and some genuinely funny lines, most of which can be found in the song Barbie Dreams. If you haven’t listened to this album, I’d give Barbie Dreams a listen, honestly, that and Chun-Li are probs my favourite tracks on this album. I’m not really a fan of the overly sexual parts of Nicki’s music, and it’s safe to say that the ‘pussy’ count is high in Queen. But what pushes me over the edge in that respect is the song Rich Sex, that is just terrible. I appreciate the fact that Nicki has gone for a more rap oriented vibe for this album but with 19 tracks and fairly generic and forgettable production, it’s not the most captivating listen. Overall, this is a bit of a mis step for Nicki, but the positive thing is that she is a good enough artist that will be around to make more albums. I’m just hoping whatever comes next is better than this.