Views – Drake – 5.8

1. Keep The Family Close – 7
2. 9 – 7.3
3. U With Me? – 6
4. Feel No Ways – 7.6
5. Hype – 5.7
6. Weston Road Flows – 7.6
7. Redemption – 6
8. With You – 7.7
9. Faithful – 5.7
10. Still Here – 7.9
11. Controlla – 8.2
12. One Dance – 8.2
13. Grammys – 8.2
14. Child’s Play – 6.2
15. Pop Style – 7.6
16. Too Good – 8.1
17. Summers Over Interlude – N/A
18. Fire & Desire – 6.4
19. Views – 8.1
20. Hotline Bling – 7.6

First of all I want to start off this review by mentioning all the things I dislike about this album. Before I even start on the music I have to say that the album cover is one of the worst attempts at Photoshop I have ever laid my eyeballs on. And also the fact that the album title changed from Views From The 6 to just simply Views is a bit lame. Getting on to the actual music now and it doesn’t get much more positive unfortunately. Lyrically this is not his best and there some lines in here which are just down right ridiculous. But Drakes’ overall performance just seems lacklustre and almost lazy at times, now whether that was intentional to set the tone or the theme of the album I don’t know but it doesn’t make for great listening for me. Production wise it isn’t great other than a couple decent samples that work well with Drake’s flows. Personally I was a huge fan of Drake around the Thank Me Later/Take Care era but honestly everything he has released since 2013 minor a few singles has been underwhelming for me and has made me just lose interest in him altogether, so much so that I haven’t even attempted to listen to Scorpion yet and I’m not fully sure if I will or not. Overall this is a disappointing album that just sounds like Drake is attempting a certain style and sound that we have all heard from him a long time ago.