Trap Lord – A$AP Ferg – 7.3

1. Let It Go – 7.3
2. Shabba – 9.1
3. Lord – 7.4
4. Hood Pope – 7.1
5. Fergivicious – 7
6. 4:02 – 3
7. Dump Dump – 6.8
8. Work REMIX – 9
9. Didn’t Wanna Do That – 6.9
10. Murda Something – 7.8
11. Make A Scene – 7
12. Fuck Out My Face – 7
13. Cocaine Castle – 8

A$AP Ferg’s debut studio album Trap Lord is a dark and punchy yet enjoyable introduction to Ferg’s unique style he brings to the A$AP Mob. The main thing I can take away from this album is that all the factors that make the album what it is like the main ideas and musical themes in this album just weren’t executed the way that was so clear on Ricky’s first studio album Long Live A$AP. Ferg’s music has never really been made to be take completely seriously, like he doesn’t push any thematic or musical boundaries outside his comfort zone. And that really comes across in the more goofier and fun tracks like Shabba which is where I find Ferg to be at his best. I’ve listened to Shabba and the Work Remix for a long time now but never listened to Trap Lord in full til now. Without going into too much detail, none of the other tracks besides those 2 singles really captured me or blew me away. I didn’t hate them but didn’t love them either, although things do get a bit messy in the middle of the album. There are plenty of good tracks that make an interesting and enjoyable listen, but not a lot within them that I would return to regularly.