The Perfect LUV Tape – Lil Uzi Vert – 7.9

1. Do What I Want – 8.7
2. Of Course We Ghetto Flowers – 7.8
3. Original Uzi (4 Of Us) – 7
4. Money Mitch – 7.3
5. SideLine Watching (Hold Up) – 7.8
6. I Can Drive – 8
7. You’re Lost – 7.7
8. Erase Your Social – 7
9. Ronda (Winners) – 8.1
10. Seven Million – 8.7

Another light and colourful mixtape from one of traps most unique characters. As a follow up from previous mixtape Lil Uzi Vert vs The World, I’d say it’s a slight improvement and has a more consistent level of quality in the tracklist. Similar to The World mixtape, The Perfect LUV Tape has its bangers in Do What I Want and Seven Million, but what makes this tape improves on is the quality in between those tracks. Tracks like Of Course We Ghetto Flowers with Playboi Carti and Offset, I Can Drive and Ronda are really nice tracks with some fast and zippy production that suits Uzi’s style of music perfectly. What I like about Uzi and his music is his ability to put tremendous fun and enjoyment into his performances and that is really infectious to me as the listener. There’s still room for improvement but overall, The Perfect LUV Tape is another dose of Uzi’s magic that makes him a joy to listen to.