The Human Condition – Jon Bellion – 7.9

1. He Is The Same – 8.4
2. 80’s Films – 8.5
3. All Time Low – 7.8
4. New York Soul, Pt. II – 7.7
5. Fashion – 7.5
6. Maybe IDK – 7.9
7. Woke The Fuck Up – 7.7
8. Overwhelming – 8
9. Weight Of The World – 7.5
10. The Good In Me – 6.9
11. Morning In America – 8.2
12. iRobot – 7.8
13. Guillotine – 7.4
14. Hand Of God (Outro) – 8.3

This review was requested by my good friend @samgarbiak . I had never heard of Jon Bellion before but for anyone who still hasn’t heard of him he is an American singer/songwriter who most famously wrote the hook on The Monster for Eminem and Rihanna. The Human Condition is his debut studio album after a number of previous mixtape releases. I didn’t really know what to expect from this album but the vibe kicks in from the first track. A lot of the songs on this album sound like they could be from Disney/Pixar movie, by that I mean that a lot of these songs are greatly uplifting and have upbeat production. This album also has elements of pop and rap which shows how he can combine multiple elements cohesively into one album. But this doesn’t change the fact that the production throughout this album is my favourite factor of all. I can’t honestly say I enjoyed every song on this album but it definitely has some very enjoyable moments that are well worth revisiting. Overall this is a nice album to listen to for a change from the rap scene.