Testing – A$AP Rocky – 6.3

1. Distorted Records – 7.8
2. A$AP Forever – 8.5
3. Tony Tone – 7.4
4. Fukk Sleep – 6.5
5. Praise The Lord – 7
7. Buck Shots – 6
8. Gunz n Butter – 6.8
9. Brotha Man – 6.5
10. OG Beeper – 6
11. Kids Turned Out Fine – 5.5
12. Hun43rd – 5.8
13. Changes – 6.4
14. Black Tux, White Collar – 7
15. Purity – 7.8

Arguably one of the biggest disappointments of the year and in my opinion a serious down side in an otherwise glittering career and discography for Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky. For me there was a lot of hype for this album, it’s been a long time since ALLA dropped, and even that didn’t fully satisfy me, so I had high hopes for this new album. The fact that he called it Testing gave away that this wouldn’t be generic or something he’s done before. And that didn’t really change how I felt about it before I heard it. I’d heard A$AP Forever and was pretty impressed with it, so that was my only real impression with the album before hearing the rest. And the rest isn’t that good. By his standards, this really isn’t at the level that we have come to expect from Rocky. A lot of songs on here just aren’t interesting or exciting, it’s like Rocky went to recreate a more atmospheric and chilled out vibe similar to ALLA, instead of a wild and powerful trap sound like on Long Live A$AP, which is what I would have preferred. Particularly towards the middle and second half of Testing, the quality drops. They are acceptable tracks but really nothing special. For the album as a whole, there is very litter cohesion or memorable moments. In regards to guest features, for me only Kid Cudi and Frank Ocean are the ones that give Testing it’s fresh and interesting moments. Overall, if Testing was a stepping stone for Rocky to experiment new sounds and vibes, it doesn’t work unless Rocky gives a 100% performance. For me, overall, Testing is okay but hugely disappointing, with little replay value.