Super Slimey – Young Thug & Future – 7

1. No Cap – 7.5
2. Three – 6.8
3. All Da Smoke – 7.9
4. 200 – 7.4
5. Cruise Ship – 7
6. Patek Water – 8.4
7. Feed Me Dope – 6.7
8. Drip On Me – 7.1
9. Real Love – 6.3
10. 4 Da Gang – 6.7
11. Killed Before – 6.8
12. Mink Flow – 8.6
13. Group Home – 8.4

Super Slimey is the collaborative mixtape from 2 of traps superstars, Atlanta heroes Young Thug and Future. Similar to Future’s mixtape with Drake, What A Time To Be Alive, Super Slimey feels like It was made within a very short space of time, with no real ingenuity or new ideas or concepts in it. Just Thugger and Future doing their usual shtick of spitting bars over generic trap beats. This is why I’m such a fan of Without Warning because it put 2 artists together with a theme and actual thought out ideas in it. There are some high points in this tape, Mink Flow is probably my favourite song on this tape because it’s one of the tracks on here where Thug and Future really click together, with both flows on point. But a lot of other tracks on here just feel like they are throwaways from previous Thug and Future albums and tapes. By this I mean that they just don’t stand out to me at all and become quite forgettable, tracks like Three, Cruise Ship and Feed Me Dope fall under this category. Even a decent guest feature like Offset on Patek Water can turn a track from forgettable to something worth listening to more than once. If you are a huge Thug or Future stan then you will probably enjoy Super Slimey, even though I like both artists a lot, this tape doesn’t knock my socks off or do much in terms of taking both Thug and Future in a new artistic direction. Which is a shame especially for Thug because he has built himself as a unique and diverse artist. But hey, I guess you stick with what your good at. This tape should have been called Super Safe.