Slime Language – Young Thug – 7

1. Tsunami – 8
2. U Ain’t Slime Enough – 7.6
3. Gain Clout – 7
4. Oh Yeah – 7.6
5. Audemar – 7.7
6. Chanel – 7
7. Dirty Shoes – 7.4
8. It’s A Slime – 7.8
9. Scoliosis – 6.8
10. Goin Up – 7.5
11. January 1st – 7.7
12. Chains Choking Me – 7.4
13. STS – 7.1
14. Expensive – 6.5
15. Slimed In – 7.5

Slime Language is Young Thug’s Cruel Summer, a 15-track project, showcasing and featuring a number of less mainstream artists signed to his YSL record label. Artists such as Lil Duke, Gunna Strick, Thug’s sisters Dolly and HiDoraah, his fiancé Jerrika Karlae, as well as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Keed, Nechie, Lil Baby, Jacquees, Tracy T and others. I do get the feeling like each artist are doing their best to present how good they are, but when you are up with an artist like Young Thug, its incredibly easy to get completely bodied by him and his performances. Because, lets be honest, Thug is the reason anyone would listen to this, its marketed as a Young Thug project, so that is where the hype begins and what people expect to hear. And its Thug that carries this project with some really excellent performances in each track. But fortunately, a lot of his artists alongside him do well to keep up with him. Production is good throughout, if not roughly the same in each track, flows chop and change here, there and everywhere and Thug’s lyrics are ridiculously exquisite as always. Majority of the songs are okay, but there’s not many that stick in my mind as worthy of more than a handful of listens. The general feel of the album is fast, lightweight and enjoyable which suits me just fine. With a nice 15 tracks at a reasonable 51-minute run length, Thugger could have easily gave in to the recent common theme of shoving 25+ songs into the project for streaming reasons, similar to the Quality Control project a few months ago. Overall, this is an acceptable but not great part time Thug project where he attempts to pass the limelight over to his lesser known artists, but instead his own unique and effortless charisma on the microphone makes Slime Language worth listening to, but honestly, it’s nothing I’ve not heard before.