Pretty Girls Like Trap Music – 2 Chainz – 8.4

1. Saturday Night – 8.5
2. Riverdale Rd – 8.5
3. Good Drank – 8.4
4. 4 AM – 8.6
5. Door Swangin – 7.8
6. Realize – 8.3
7. Poor Fool – 7.8
8. Big Amount – 8
9. It’s A Vibe – 8.3
10. Rolls Royce Bitch – 8.4
11. Sleep When U Die – 8.1
12. Trap Check – 7.9
13. Blue Cheese – 8.7
14. OG Kush Diet – 7.5
15. Bailan – 8.1
16. Burglar Bars – 8

2 Chainz has never had a problem with rhyming, that has always been his most consistent feature imo. But on Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, the rhymes, production, flows, hooks and guest verses are all the best they could be on a 2 Chainz album. Ever since he dropped Based On A TRU Story back in 2012, I’ve always felt like 2 Chainz just kept releasing music that went under the radar critically and was looked over most of the time, but with this album it feels like he is finally hitting his stride with a BIG step. PGLTM is a complete and consistent album that is thoroughly enjoyable and fun with very strong rap and chilled out vibes. As mentioned before the production on this album is really awesome, not surprising when producers like Murda Beatz, Mike Dean and Mike Will Made It are all on board. Guest features are all top quality as well, and none really take the shine away from 2 Chainz which is impressive on his part. This album doesn’t stick to the usual 2 Chainz feel of lighthearted and amusing music that we have become accustomed to, even when the album gets to its darker moments like on opener Saturday Night and Trap Check, 2 Chainz still keeps his personality and charisma throughout and does it well. Overall this is a great trap album and my favourite release from one of my favourite people in the rap game. Seriously, how can you not like 2 Chainz?