Pink Friday – Nicki Minaj – 8

1. I’m The Best – 8.3
2. Roman’s Revenge (Eminem) – 8.6
3. Did It On ‘Em – 8.4
4. Right Thru Me – 7.5
5. Fly – 7.6
6. Save Me – 7.6
7. Moment 4 Life – 8.5
8. Check It Out – 8.3
9. Blazin’ – 8
10. Here I Am – 7.7
11. Dear Old Nicki – 7.9
12. Your Love – 8.4
13. Last Chance – 7.5
14. Superbass – 9
15. Blow Ya Mind – 8.1
16. Muny – 8.2
17. Girls Fall Like Dominoes – 8.5
18. Roman’s Revenge (Lil Wayne) – 8.5

Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj is another one of my high school nostalgia albums. I have to be careful with this review because my girlfriend really loves this album and Nicki and I’ve got to say, since first hearing Nicki all the back in 2010 I have enjoyed her and her music ever since. Her debut studio album is a mix of feel good pop and rap. Although Nicki is very talented and can master a range of flows, voices and styles, the one factor that stays consistent is the crazy amount of rhymes she can pull off in her verses. Due to my own personal preference I very much prefer the more rap concentrated tracks like Roman’s Revenge and Did It On Em instead of the fairly generic pop tracks such as Fly, Right Thru Me and Last Chance. But I’m not saying that those are bad songs at all. Nicki brought some big names to this album such as Drake, who absolutely bodied Nicki On Moment 4 Life, Rihanna with a fairly decent but pedestrian hook on the radio-friendly Fly, Eminem and Lil Wayne for their own verses on Roman’s Revenge, while neither have amazing verses I’d say Em just tops it over Wayne. Same goes for Kanye’s verse on Blazin, it’s okay but not his best. For the album as a whole, it’s a mixed bag of pop and pop rap but it’s still enjoyable and fun for the most part that presents Nicki’s talents and unique personality.