Nasir – Nas – 7.8

1. Not For Radio – 8.9
2. Cops Shot the Kid – 8.3
3. White Label – 7.8
4. Bonjour – 7.7
5. everything – 8.5
6. Adam and Eve – 8.2
7. Simple Things – 7.6

The 4th album released in Kanye’s Wyoming series. NASIR by rap legend Nas is filled with typical Kanye samples and production we have been so familiar with since the release of Daytona. The idea behind this album for me was positive, another 7 track album with interesting samples alongside Nas’ bars. What could go wrong? Well, I’d say NASIR isn’t as good production wise as Daytona or Kids See Ghosts, but maybe that’s because Kanye wanted to not go too outrageous with the samples so it wouldn’t overpower and take the shine off Nas himself, but there are still some nice beats in this album. Lyrically, it’s okay, opener Not For Radio and Cops Shot The Kid gets very political and tackles topics like gun violence. The sample for Cops doesn’t annoy me at all as I’ve seen recently that it does annoy some people. White Label and Bonjour are the weakest on the album and really don’t do anything for me personally. Everything is a very powerful performance from Nas, Kanye and The Dream with nice vocals and production. I like the piano elements on Adam and Eve and Nas sounds particularly energetic on this with his delivery. I can’t say that the album ends strongly either because Simple Things is another track that doesn’t do much for me. Overall this is a good but not great album from Nas that has special moments but at the end of the day is quite disappointing and forgettable.