More Life – Drake – 7.3

1. Free Smoke – 8
2. No Long Talk – 8.4
3. Passionfruit – 7.9
4. Jorja Interlude – 6.7
5. Get It Together – 6.8
6. Madiba Riddim – 7.3
7. Blem – 8.3
8. 4422 – 7.8
9. Gyalchester – 8.3
10. Skepta Interlude – 8.6
11. Portland – 8.5
12. Sacrifices – 8.3
13. Nothings into Somethings – 6
14. Teenage Fever – 6.9
15. KMT – 9
16. Lose You – 7.5
17. Can’t Have Everything – 7.9
18. Glow – 7.9
19. Since Way Back – 8
20. Fake Love – 7.8
21. Ice Melts – 8.3
22. Do Not Disturb – 7.8

After the disappointment of Views, Drake’s next release was a 22 track mixtape or ‘playlist’ as it is more commonly referred to called More Life. I get the feeling from this throughout like it is a group of throwaway ideas and unfinished tracks from Views, which doesn’t sound great put in that way but there are some quite pleasant surprises in More Life, which is what was severely lacking on Views for me. Drake presents a range of sounds and styles on this playlist, from pop to rap and dancehall tracks which include some of Drake’s commonly used and outrageous accents from English to the good old Jamaican twang we have heard before. It’s probably smart of Drake to not label and therefore limit this piece of work as an album or a mixtape. Possibly because of the nature of the songs on this playlist are so diverse and mixed up that More Life doesn’t necessarily have any type of theme so Drake’s attempt at album cohesiveness would not be scrutinised as much imo. Sticking on the topic of themes, one theme I noticed on More Life is that a lot of the guest features are much better than Drake and subsequently body Aubrey on his own playlist. These features include Skepta for his interlude which is one of the best songs on More Life, similar to K Dot’s interlude on Take Care. But the biggest highlight for me is Giggs’ legendary verse on KMT. Overall this playlist is literally a mixed bag of random songs that Drake has thrown together which individually some are quite good but as a whole this playlist is a bit of a mess. One big improvement from Views is that this can be quite fun at times to listen to. @champagnepapi