Kamikaze – Eminem – 6.5

1. The Ringer – 8
2. Greatest – 7.9
3. Lucky You – 8.3
4. Paul (Skit) – N/A
5. Normal – 6.8
6. Em Calls Paul (Skit) – N/A
7. Stepping Stone – 5.5
8. Not Alike – 7
9. Kamikaze – 6
10. Fall – 6.6
11. Nice Guy – 4.5
12. Good Guy – 5
13. Venom – 7

Well, this was unexpected. Or was it? Eminem in the past has been no stranger to being vocal about the negative thoughts and opinions people have about him and his music. He has referenced this type of hate in some of his earlier work, but the hate that Revival received a few months ago, not just for the music side of it, but the main political theme of the album was vast and immense on how it turned even some of the biggest Eminem fans into admitting that a once great rapper had badly fallen off. Because I have been listening and following Em for such a long time, the fact that he released a whole 13 track album just to reply to the hate Revival got as well as calling out and dissing a large number of today’s artists, didn’t really surprise me. Kamikaze has some good tracks and some not good tracks. The first 3 tracks on the album are the best ones and really impressed me on my first listen. After the return of Em’s Paul skits, the rest of the album is just a mixed bag of average to below average tracks where Em articulates his bitterness and dislike to many of today’s rap artists and rap culture in general today. There is a lot that can be said about Eminem today and his views that are presented in this album. There will be many different opinions based on how you like rap music and rap artists around today, regarding agreeing with or opposing Marshall’s views. I won’t go too much into that and will try and stick to the music. It is difficult however to not make connections to Kamikaze and Revival, but it has to be said that this is much better than Revival. I mean Em hasn’t fully dropped the corny lines but a weird line every now and again has to be expected now imo. The song Venom gave the album a bit of a turning point but it really isn’t anything special. Yes it has suitable verses for the Venom film filled with Venom references, but the hook just really lets it down from being something more than a generic, money grabbing hollow shell of a track. At least Phenomenal from Southpaw had some real heart and passion in it. Overall, Kamikaze is an interesting reply to a lot of critics, but the main questions I keep asking myself are: was this really necessary? Did he pull it off the right way? And should he call it a day now?