Invasion Of Privacy – Cardi B – 7.3

1. Get Up 10 – 7.9
2. Drip – 4
3. Bickenhead – 6.8
4. Bodak Yellow – 8.5
5. Be Careful – 6.3
6. Best Life – 7
7. I Like It – 8.4
8. Ring – 7.5
9. Money Bag – 8.3
10. Bartier Cardi – 8.6
11. She Bad – 6.3
12. Thru Your Phone – 7.6
13. I Do – 7

Cardi B’s debut studio album Invasion of Privacy is an entertaining mix of rap bangers and some meaningful tracks filled with personality from one of today’s most talked about and popular characters. Although it took me a while to get into Bodak Yellow when it first dropped, I have since come to really like Cardi B as a person and enjoy her music a lot. The majority of Invasion of Privacy is entertaining and enjoyable and at times very thoughtful, but for every decent track on here, there seem to be an average and forgettable track not to far away. Album opener Get Up 10 starts off the album with a meaningful and heartfelt story of Cardi’s youth, which is one of the albums best moments. But straight after that comes the very dull and repetitive track Drip with Migos which sounds like a throwaway from Culture 2, which really isn’t a good thing. I was very pleasantly surprised with the very atmospheric and at times mesmerising production throughout this album as well, showing that Cardi did not play it safe and just stuck with generic trap beats. It must be said as well that lyrically this is for the most part pretty good apart from the occasional cringey line. The guest features were pretty hit and miss for me as well. Overall, this was a good debut for Cardi but could have been something great if it were more focused with its themes and ideas and had a more consistent track list.