Ill Manors – Plan B – 8.9

1. ill Manors – 9.2
2. I Am The Narrator – 9
3. Drug Dealer – 9.1
4. Playing With Fire – 8.5
5. Deepest Shame – 8.4
6. Pity The Plight – 8.6
7. Lost My Way – 8.5
8. The Runaway – 8.6
9. Great Day For A Murder – 7.6
10. Live Once – 7
11. Falling Down – 6.9

If anyone is unfamiliar with Plan B, aka Ben Drew, he is an English singer/rapper who in 2012 wrote and directed his first movie called Ill Manors, which was also accompanied by an 11 track album by the same name. Now I’m not sure if this I should be calling this an official movie soundtrack or not but I’ll just stick to calling it an album for now. Now, watching the film will make listening to the album a whole lot different, I have seen the film, which is as brilliant as the album is, and gives a lot more clarity and a better outlook on the album so if anyone hasn’t heard or seen Ill Manors, I would recommend watching the film first. The production on this album is incredible and diverse and lyrically just as powerful and heart-breaking as the movie is, like a punch in the face. The themes of this album include, death, drugs, gangs, violence, prostitution and all other general crimes that all take place in London for lots of different people that are all interlinked. What’s really incredible about this is the storytelling, not only throughout the album as a whole but each song has its own individual characters and storyline. My only criticism about this album is that the last 3 songs just fails to continue the high quality that the rest, particularly the start of the album manages to consistently deliver excellently. Overall this is an excellent album that is thought provoking, heart-breaking and totally unique in every way.