HNDRXX – Future – 5.2

1. My Collection – 7.9
2. Comin Out Strong – 8.1
3. Lookin Exotic – 7.8
4. Damage – 7.5
5. Use Me – 7.4
6. Incredible – 8.2
7. Testify – 3.8
8. Fresh Air – 4
9. Neva Missa Lost – 5
10. Keep Quiet – 4
11. Hallucinating – 6
12. I Thank U – 5.6
13. New Illuminati – 6.5
14. Turn On Me – 7
15. Selfish – 8.4
16. Solo – 4.7
17. Sorry – 5.4
18. PIE – 5
19. You Da Baddest – 7.6

Very shortly after Atlanta’s Trap God, Future dropped his self-titled very trap heavy album, he surprised everyone with a more laid back and low key, soulful style album called HNDRXX. One important thing for me to get across here is that, this album has some seriously questionable and at times cringey lyrics. Future has never been much of a lyrically charged artist, but with HNDRXX, hes putting the mind boggling fast paced mumble style to one side and switching to a more discernible style of vocal lyricism that is more prominent than on past projects. This means that his lyrics can be understood easily and therefore scrutinised and judged a lot more. He still manages to keep the usual trap beats he is so accustomed to but add a slowed down feel to them to really get this soulful and sexier vibe. Now for me, I don’t get the sexy part at all and I’m really not sure there are many females out there that would. But I can’t say that for certain. What I can say for certain is how much I enjoy or not enjoy these songs on this album. I have always thought that as a trap artist, Future has one of the most unique voices around, but when he’s using that voice to sing, not mumble rap, about sex and relationships and rather unsurprisingly, drugs, it just gets a bit too much for me and my personal taste. Its just too much. If he could have took away a number of tracks on here and changed some of the questionable lyrics, I would have enjoyed this album a lot more. On the whole, I do enjoy some of these songs like My Collection, Comin Out Strong, Incredible and Selfish. It’s just certain moments that damage them. But there are some songs on here that just should not be on here, or any Future project, particularly Testify, Fresh Air and Keep Quiet, which have some of the most annoying and cringey hooks I’ve ever heard on any Future project. I mean, it starts off okay but as soon as Testify hits, then it just falls dramatically. Overall this is a mixed bag and a questionable project that tries to tap into Future’s softer side. But ends up just making me wish I didn’t see that side of him. Give me the purple lean sipping trap superstar mumbler any day, not this crooning mess.