Finally Rich – Chief Keef – 9

1. Love Sosa – 10
2. Hallelujah – 8
3. I Don’t Like – 9
4. No Tomorrow – 8.4
5. Hate Being Sober – 8.5
6. Kay Kay – 8
7. Laughin’ To The Bank – 5.6
8. Diamonds – 6.4
9. Ballin’ – 8.6
10. Understand Me – 8.3
11. 3Hunna – 9
12. Finally Rich – 8

Chief Keef is one of my favourite artists of all time, and if you somehow didn’t know, Finally Rich is his breakout debut studio album. Released all the way back in 2012, this album gave birth to the trap genre and has influenced a large number of artists that have surfaced since then. It’s not the best album ever made and it is a bit generic looking back at it now, but musically it broke new ground in the trap genre. Love Sosa is the best trap song ever made and is still a classic to this day. The features on this album are pretty decent and none of them take the shine away from Sosa at all. Say what you want about the rest of his discography, even if some of it may not be cohesive or makes that much sense or just go under the radar into obscurity, Finally Rich is still a great album that paved the way for most of today’s generation of trap artists, but Chief Keef deserves to go down in history as a legend of rap music.