Die Lit – Playboi Carti – 6

1. Long Time (Intro) – 8.3
2. R.I.P – 6.9
3. Lean 4 Real – 7
4. Old Money – 6.8
5. Love Hurts – 8.2
6. Shoota – 8.4
7. Right Now – 6.7
8. Poke It Out – 4
9. Home (KOD) – 4
10. Fell in Luv – 6.5
11. Foreign – 7.2
12. Pull Up – 7
13. Mileage – 8.1
14. FlatBed Freestyle – 3
15. No Time – 5.8
16. Middle Of The Summer – 6
17. Choppa Won’t Miss – 6.5
18. R.I.P Fredo – 5.7
19. Top – 6.4

I really wanted to get into Playboi Carti’s music. I haven’t heard his self-titled mixtape, apart from Magnolia and I had only heard him on certain guest features. But over the past year or so he has been hyped up as one of the best new talents in the trap genre. When this new album Die Lit came out, I had no real excitement about it, but I did want to give it at least one listen to get a feel of what a full length Carti project would sound like. I had a look at the tracklist when it first dropped and was genuinely impressed with the list of guest features that Die Lit has, particularly Chief Keef, Skepta, Young Thug, Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert. However, 19 songs is still too many songs on an album in my personal opinion. Anyway, I never got around to listening to this until @domkesslr requested me to review it. For me, I can’t say I enjoyed every song on Die Lit, because mainly I don’t really find Carti’s style that pleasant, the extremely simplistic lyrics that are just too repetitive and minimal just don’t do anything for me, neither does Carti’s voice which sounds okay on some songs to just very unpleasant on others. Even the sweet and lightweight production, which I kinda liked, started to blend in with each song and sound the same after a while. I do think Carti has potential to be a real star, but he needs to find a way to vary his sounds and style imo. It doesn’t help that he gets outshined by nearly every one of his guest features. Especially, Uzi, Trav and Keef, which is probably why the 3 songs they appear on, Shoota, Love Hurts and Mileage are my favourite tracks on the album. Overall this is an okay but inconsistent album that simply isn’t my cup of tea.