Darkest Before Dawn – Pusha T – 8.5

1. Intro – 10
2. Untouchable – 10
3. M.F.T.R – 8.5
4. Crutches, Crosses, Caskets – 8.2
5. M.P.A – 8.4
6. Got Em Covered – 8.4
7. Keep Dealing – 8.2
8. Retribution – 8.4
9. F.I.F.A – 8.5
10. Sunshine – 8.6

The full title of this project is King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude. First thing I need to say about this is OMFG what an incredible intro this prelude album has. Honestly one of the best intros I’ve ever heard, such a perfect and angry powerful beat alongside the usual top quality bars from Push. Only issue with it is that it’s too damn short but I guess it’s an intro so I can’t be too angry with that. After an incredible intro comes one of my favourite Pusha T tracks with Untouchable. Again another perfect Push track, an awesome Biggie sample that’s full of incredible lyrics like “Let’s talk about it gentlemen, My barcode is Netflix “Narcos”, Part on the side of my ‘fro like I’m Pablo, No hablo, I sell blow, Lone wolf, no Tonto, head honcho, Yuugh”. The remaining tracks in this prelude album are all competent songs for Pusha T’s standard but imo none really capture that excitement or power punch that the first two tracks start off the album so well with. When I saw that A$AP Rocky and Kanye West would feature on the track MPA together, that filled me with so much excitement, but using both Ye and Rocky on a fairly lacklustre chorus, where you can barely even hear Kanye, just added a bit of disappointment for me. Like I said earlier, the rest is good but not completely memorable but overall, Push works his magic again to make a short prelude album that ultimately acted as a stop gap between 2013’s My Name Is My Name and Push’s newest album Daytona. But because it’s Pusha T, even a stop gap album is better quality than a lot of rap albums around.