Culture II – Migos – 7.7

1. Higher We Go (Intro) – 7.9
2. Supastars – 7
3. Narcos – 8.4
4. BBO (Bad Bitches Only) – 8.2
5. Auto Pilot – 7.4
6. Walk It Talk It – 8.1
7. Emoji A Chain – 7.8
8. CC – 7.6
9. Stir Fry – 9
10. Too Much Jewellery – 7.6
11. Gang Gang – 7.8
12. White Sand – 8.4
13. Crown The Kings – 8
14. Flooded – 6
15. Beast – 6.6
16. Open It Up – 8.1
17. MotorSport – 8.6
18. Movin Too Fast – 7.9
19. Work Hard – 7.8
20. Notice Me – 8.4
21. Too Playa – 7.4
22. Made Men – 7.9
23. Top Down On Da NAWF – 7.3
24. Culture National Anthem (Outro) – 6.8

At 24 tracks and 1 hour 45 minutes in length, listening to this album is a very hard process. Anyway, I need to say that I am a big fan of Migos and each artist individually. For me, Offset is my favourite of the 3, because I think he is the most interesting character and musically I think he is more well rounded than the others. I like Takeoff and some of his verses and I think Quavo is the most overrated of the group but I still like him. Back to the album, Quavo is on this a lot, he covers most of the albums choruses with his usual auto tuned swings. And after listening to this album all the way through, Quavo’s voice gets tiring quickly, which only loses my interest with this album quicker. Takeoff and Offset shine when they get their chances but there’s just not enough of them imo, even in a record this long, I wanted more of them. Production wise, there are not many beats that blow me away apart from maybe Stir Fry which is the best song on this album by far. Throughout this album are some decent song scattered in it like Narcos, BBO, White Sand, Gang Gang, Open It Up, Crown The Kings and Notice Me. Just those songs right there and some others could be put together to make a better and shorter Culture 2 album. So yeah the main issue with this is the length and filler that is just shovelled into this album unnecessarily. Overall, Culture 2 is an overstuffed and lengthy album that is hard to listen to all at once, but with some decent tracks somewhere if you can find them.