Tha Carter 3 – Lil Wayne – 8.7

1. 3 Peat – 8.5
2. Mr. Carter – 9.4
3. A Milli – 9.5
4. Got Money – 8.6
5. Comfortable – 8.4
6. Dr. Carter – 8.5
7. Phone Home -7.5
8. Tie My Hands – 7
9. Mrs Officer – 8.6
10. Let The Beat Build – 8.4
11. Shoot Me Down – 7.7
12. Lollipop – 9
13. La La – 8.2
14. Pussy Monster – 8.3
15. You Ain’t Got Nuthin – 8.8
16. DontGetIt – 8.7
17. Action -8.6
18. Lollipop (Remix) – 9
19. Prostitute 2 – 8.7

On the 10th anniversary of the release of Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 3, I thought I’d do a special post on a nostalgic and very special album that will always have a place in my heart. Although I’ve rated the track list, these next few words aren’t necessarily a conventional review like I’ve done in previous posts, more of a love letter. I’ve mentioned this before but Lil Wayne was the first rap artist I ever listened to, specifically it was this album that got me into not only Lil Wayne but rap music in general at approximately 10 years old. Not only is Tha Carter 3 special to me in that respect but I also think that Wayne hasn’t been able to top this within 10 years. There’s been some debate recently about what makes an album a classic, but for me, in Wayne’s discography, this is a classic. I think this album took him straight to the top of the hottest rappers around at the time. Whether you think this is a classic in terms of all time rap albums is another debate up to you for another time. It’s not a perfect album but any means, it does have the odd forgettable track, but it does have the all elements that made me fall in love with Lil Wayne and rap music in general, swagger, clever lyrics, electric charisma that forces you to keep your eyes on him without blinking whenever he is on screen, banging beats and overall fun and excitement in music that evokes any number of positive vibes and feelings. In the future I could come back to this album and make a proper review but for now I just wanted to share this special post for a special album on its 10th anniversary.