Still Striving – A$AP Ferg – 7.8

1. Trap And A Dream – 8.5
2. Rubber Band Man – 7.9
3. Olympian – 6.5
4. Aww Yeah – 8.4
5. What Do You Do – 7.3
6. Coach Cartier – 7.8
7. Mad Man – 7.9
8. Plain Jane – 8
9. Nasty (Who Dat) – 8.1
10. The Mattress REMIX – 8.4
11. One Night Savage – 7.9
12. East Coast REMIX – 8.5
13. Nandos – 8
14. Tango – 8.2

Still Striving by A$AP Ferg is juvenile, brash and brainless at times. But it sure does a good job of bringing the best trap vibe to any playlist. It may not be a great album but that trap feeling of high energy and excitement just stays from start to finish. Lyrically, Still Striving is weak, very generic lyrics of the usual topics with added sex lyrics which just get tiresome after a while. Production wise it’s fairly good, tracks like Trap And A Dream, The Mattress Remix and East Coast Remix have some absolutely banging beats that get the blood pumping and heart racing. Which is the main reason why I have rated those songs highest. A big issue I have with this album is the amount of guest features, now I love guest features on rap albums but there should be a limit, with this amount of guests, Ferg goes missing on occasion, which shouldn’t happen on a Ferg album. Some of the guests do a great job but some just seem really unnecessary and forgettable. Overall, Still Striving is a somewhat disappointing album from Ferg that has some very high powered moments, the issue is that those moments are too and far between.