Oxymoron – Schoolboy Q – 8.5

1. Gangsta – 8.6
2. Los Awesome – 8.5
3. Collard Greens – 9.3
4. What They Want – 8.2
5. Hoover Street – 8.2
6. Studio – 8.3
7. Prescription/Oxymoron – 8.4
8. The Purge – 8.4
9. Blind Threats – 7.9
10. Hell Of A Night – 8.6
11. Break The Bank – 8.6
12. Man Of The Year – 8.7
13. His & Her Friend – 7.7
14. Grooveline, Pt.2 – 8
15. Fuck LA – 8.2
16. Gravy – 8.3
17. Yay Yay -8.5

This was the first Schoolboy Q project I’ve listened to in full. In the past I’ve only listened to him on features and tracks like Collard Greens from this album and That Part from Blank Face LP. I listened to this because Schoolboy Q is another artist that I haven’t listened to that much and I want to explore different artists. For the most part I enjoyed listening to Oxymoron. Q has a unique voice that is rough and grainy but is not unpleasant at all. And I really like the 90’s gangster vibe mixed with a modern trap twist. Anyone that reads my reviews will know that I like rap songs that are exciting and high energy which is what the best songs on Oxymoron are. I can’t say that I will revisit every song on this album but the majority are very enjoyable with good replay value. I think the features did well for the most part, specifically Kendrick and Tyler, but 2 Chainz’s verse could have been better. Overall this is an interesting and fairly enjoyable album from Schoolboy Q that has some flaws but does a good job of allowing Q to really come into his own as an artist.