Jeffery – Young Thug – 8.3

1. Wyclef Jean – 9.1
2. Floyd Mayweather. – 8.2
3. Swizz Beatz – 7.6
4. Future Swag – 8.4
5. RiRi – 8.3
6. Guwop – 9
7. Harambe – 7.8
8. Webbie – 8.5
9. Kanye West – 8.4

This is a very unique and rather aesthetically special mixtape from Young Thug for a number of reasons. Firstly, the songs on the tracklist are individually titled after one of Thugger’s role models. The album cover shows Thug in a women’s dress, which if you didn’t know already, Young Thug is a fan of wearing certain women’s clothes. For the album itself, it’s pretty good, not as good as Barter 6 imo but Jeffery is still worth a listen. There’s a couple of great songs, a couple of not great songs and the rest being just good enough. The best tracks imo are Wyclef Jean for being one of the catchiest Thug songs ever, and Guwop which is equally as catchy but with some great verses from Offset and Quavo. The rest of the tracks just don’t really stand out to me and can get easily missed in the rest of however many number of Young Thug tracks out right now. But because I’m such a fan of Young Thug and I think he is one of the best artists around right now, Jeffery is a cut above the rest of a whole lot of trap albums out right now. Overall this is a decent but not amazing tape from Young Thug that shows he can do trap music better than most and have it still not be the best.