Cruel Summer – Various Artists – 8.2

1. To The World – 8.2
2. Clique – 9.2
3. Mercy.1 – 9.4
4. New God Flow.1 – 8.6
5. The Morning – 8.4
6. Cold.1 – 9
7. Higher – 7.9
8. Sin City – 8
9. The One – 7.6
10. Creepers – 7.7
11. Bliss – 7
12. Don’t Like – 8.8

The full title for this album is Kanye West Presents GOOD Music Cruel Summer. It is a kind of compilation album featuring GOOD Music’s most famous artists including obviously Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, John Legend, Teyana Taylor and others, all given the opportunity to flex a bit and show us what they are about. This album is probably most famous for the two massive hits Clique and Mercy, which are undoubtedly the best tracks on the album. In fact, 2 Chainz’s verse on Mercy is legendary in my mind. Because Cruel Summer features a range of artists, it is quite varied in terms of sound and genre. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing imo but it does mean that each song has to be high quality to make it stand out. Unfortunately not every song does stand out. Particularly the ones on the second half of the album where the big names like Kanye and Push take the back seat and give others the limelight. Overall Cruel Summer is a good album with some truly excellent songs, which are then followed by some truly forgettable ones.