Ye – Kanye West – 8.4

1. I Thought About Killing You – 6.5
2. Yikes – 8.4
3. All Mine – 7.8
4. Wouldn’t Leave – 8.3
5. No Mistakes – 8.3
6. Ghost Town – 8.5
7. Violent Crimes – 8.6

Kanye’s Wyoming album and 8th solo studio release Ye is another trip into Kanye’s current mental state and life situation. On my first listen I didn’t think too much of it, it didn’t knock me back or take my breath away and had the same impact like Yeezus did. But after more and more listens, this album has grown on me somewhat. It’s not his best album but it does contain elements from past Kanye albums such as some deep but sometimes questionable lyrics, impressive production and a personal overall vibe. But maybe this is an issue with the album, it’s nothing new, but then again you can’t always expect to be blown away by something out of this world and never heard before. I don’t like the spoken word intro at the start of album opener I Thought About Killing You, but it does improve once Kanye starts rhyming. Yikes is a nice song that sounds like a low key version of Wolves, which I think is a great song. I find the hook on next track All Mine quite annoying but the verse from Kanye is pretty good apart from the cringey line “I love your titties cause they prove that I can focus on two things at once”. Wouldn’t Leave sees Kanye talking about the infamous slavery comments he made not too long ago. It’s a nice hook and a great song that starts off the albums strong run of tracks. No Mistakes is a short but catchy track with a nice flow. Ghost Town is one of the albums high points with great guest features from Kid Cudi and 070 Shake. Album closer Violent Crimes is one of Kanye’s most honest and personal songs about how he feels about his daughters and his hopes for their futures. Once again it’s a nice song with a beautiful hook again from 070 Shake. Overall, this new Kanye album has some nice moments but doesn’t have enough in it to warrant classic status.