Kids See Ghosts – Kid Cudi & Kanye West – 8.4

1. Feel The Love – 8.6
2. Fire – 8.5
3. 4th Dimension – 8.4
4. Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt.2) – 8.2
5. Reborn – 8.3
6. Kids See Ghosts – 8.2
7. Cudi Montage – 8.6

The next release in the series of Wyoming albums is Kids See Ghosts, the highly anticipated joint album from Kanye West and Kid Cudi. Out of Daytona, Ye and Kids See Ghosts, I have to say that i wasn’t as hyped for this as the previous two albums straight outta Wyoming. But as a huge Kanye fan and a fan of previous Kanye and Cudi collabs, I had to give this a listen. Once the track listing issue was fixed I got properly stuck into this album. And it’s pretty good for the most part. Kanye has found some really cool samples to use once again and his lyricism isn’t as deep as Ye but still off the wall and memorable. Similar to Ye as well, the songs are quite short so on the first listen it just sounded like an album full of interludes but after each listen it forms into its own full album. For me, the production is the real star in this album and really is the strongest point in the album, but both Kanye and Cudi carry it well and a Pusha T verse is always welcome in any song. A lot of the songs here are all violently loud and high energy chants which is always a positive for me personally, but I would have liked some more melodies that I can sing out loud. The album has moments of this which is what makes it great, just not enough of them. Overall this is a fairly satisfying if not fully ground breaking joint album from 2 artists that have obvious chemistry and connection. I do think this could have been better but it is a good effort that has a nice vibe.