I Am Not A Human Being II – Lil Wayne – 5.7

1. IANAHB – 6
2. Curtains – 5.9
3. Days and Days – 5.6
4. Gunwalk – 5.5
5. No Worries – 7.6
6. Back To You – 6.4
7. Trigger Finger – 5
8. Beat the Shit – 6.7
9. Rich as Fuck – 7.8
10. Trippy – 5.8
11. Love Me – 6.8
12. God Bless Amerika – 8.3
13. Wowzerz – 6.1
14. Hello – 4.5
15. Lay It Down – 6.2
16. Hot Revolver – 6
17. My Homies Still – 8.3

As some may know, Lil Wayne was the reason I got into rap music. He was the first artist I listened to and because of that I will always take a note of anything he releases and take a listen. Looking back now and if I could talk to my 16 year old self when I was just about to purchase I Am Not A Human Being 2, I’d probably say to myself “stop, put it back on the shelf and keep your money”. There’s just no personality, energy or anything interesting in this album. Which is disappointing because I’ve always seen Lil Wayne as interesting. It’s actually quite a dark and depressing piece of work that has almost no joy or anything to smile about and enjoy at all. Unless you like listening to all the types of ways Wanye, let’s say “interacts” with the pussy. And boy does that word get thrown around a lot in this album. I suppose what I’m trying to get at here is that I get the felling like Wayne has nothing interesting or relevant to say throughout this album. God Bless Amerika is quite deep and somewhat interesting and 2 Chainz brightens up the tracks he is on as well as Big Sean on My Homies Still which is one of the few tracks on here that is worth more than one listen. Overall this is a very lacklustre and highly disappointing album from Lil Wayne that is best to just be forgotten about.