Discovery – Tinie Tempah – 8.2

1. Intro – 8.5
2. Simply Unstoppable – 8.4
3. Pass Out – 9
4. Illusion – 7.9
5. Just A Little – 7.2
6. Snap – 7.3
7. Written in the stars – 8.3
8. Frisky – 8.8
9. Miami 2 Ibiza – 8.7
10. Obsession – 7.4
11. Invincible – 7.7
12. Wonderman – 8.1
13. Let Go – 7.8

Now here is a proper throwback nostalgia album that takes me back to my high school days. I first heard Tinie Tempah when his single Pass Out was storming the charts. Everyone around me including myself was listening to it and it was very popular. After a while, the track Frisky dropped and it was just at popular as Pass Out was. Both these tracks added to a lot of hype for Tinie’s album Disc-overy. The album itself has a mixture of high energy bangers and more chilled out tracks, all containing very good lyrical verses from Tinie and some nice production. The Intro Pass Out and Frisky are the best songs on the album but tracks like Miami 2 Ibiza, Written In The Stars and Wonderman are all decent songs worth a few listens. It’s just a bit of a shame that the more low key tracks such as Snap, Invincible and Just A Little don’t carry the same energy and excitement as some other tracks. Overall this is a decent pop rap album from Tinie Tempah that has some flaws but after 8 years since its release, is still an enjoyable listen. And if you haven’t heard of him or any of his music before, I strongly recommend giving this album a try. @tiniegram